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  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Conner Brown

    Conner Brown

    Bitcoiner and Corporate Attorney. Interested in monetary history, Austrian economics, and philosophy. Stanford Law School Alumni.

  • PlanB



  • Hyperwave


    Investment strategies & tactics across all asset classes including the wild world of crypto markets. www.lucidfunds.com

  • Willem Van Den Bergh

    Willem Van Den Bergh

  • BambouClub


    Crypto Analyst. BitMEX Expert. Deribit Bitcoin Options Trader. Made AntiLiquidation.com

  • Robert Sharratt

    Robert Sharratt

    Managing Director, CrescoFin SA, Genève, Switzerland

  • Wassim Alsindi

    Wassim Alsindi

    Director of Research @ Parallel Industries, Managing Editor Cryptoeconomic Systems journal.

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